Please note that we have special contracts for items we would price over $100. If you think your items may qualify please ask us for our Couture Contract.


  • We accept consignments by appointment only. You can make an appointment by emailing us at hauteexchange@sassyleur.com or calling us at 512-829-4430.
  • Please bring your 20 best items to your consignment appointment. We can not go through batches of more than 20 items at a time.
  • If you choose not to wait for your No Thank You’s they are considered property of the store and may be donated.
  • We will only hold your items for 90 days. If you want your items back you will need to come pick them up before the end of the 90th day. After that they become property of Haute Exchange.
  • We offer 40% of whatever your items sell for.
  • Items drop in price by 20% the second month, and 40% the 3rd month on the floor.
  • We price the items at 40% – 50% of their original value.
  • We have the right to discount items at our discretion at any time during their consignment period.

Consignment Cash

  • Once your item sells we pay out 40% to you the consignor in cash or check depending on the amount.
  • Consignment Cash can be accrued in your account but must be picked up within 30 days of the date your item sold. We suggest checking your consignor portal once ever 2 weeks for consignment cash.
  • After 30 days your consignment cash is expired and converted to store credit.
  • You can pick up your consignment cash in the store 7 days a week during store hours.
  • Consignment Cash in amounts over $50 may require a check or authorization from the store manager. If you want to be sure our manager is available to sign a check for you please email her at ragan@sassyleur.com or call ahead.
  • Once Consignment Cash has expired and been converted we can not reissue it in cash or check. It must be used in store credit.


Due to the resale nature of our business we do NOT accept returns or offer refunds of any kind. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.